Tri-Tip Flavor Profiles

Santa Maria

This crowd-pleasing marinade offers a double layer of flavor: we marinate the roast with brown sugar, granulated garlic, black pepper, salt and parsley as well as coating the outside with the seasoning as a dry rub, allowing for a crisp and caramelized crust when grilled.


This distinctively smoky mesquite flavor paired with a touch of sugar and black pepper will appeal to even the most refined palate.


The savory blend of spices used in this marinade offers a distinct barbeque flavor profile without the sweetness of typical barbeque sauces. With garlic and onion powder, black pepper, and the faintest hint of cayenne, our barbeque will satiate taste buds and leave you satisfied.


Our bold Cajun marinade offers the perfect blend of flavorful Cajun spices with an enjoyable heat from just the right amount cayenne and crushed chili flakes.

California Gold

A rosemary-dominant herbal blend including garlic, paprika, rosemary sprigs, chili powder, and Italian seasoning.

Western BBQ

Features John Tom’s rich brown sugar and molasses barbeque sauce along with coarse black pepper and paprika.


Our quality, custom cut Tri-Tip prepared without marinade, and  ready for your own creation and seasoning.